Stefano di Giovanni detto ‘Il Sassetta’, « Angelo annunziante »

Stefano di Giovanni detto ‘Il Sassetta’

Angelo annunziante (Ange de l’Annonciation)

Tempéra et or sur panneau,

Provenance :

Massa Marittima, Museo d’Arte Sacra di San Pietro all’Orto.

Il s’agit de l’une des deux cuspides subsistant d’un polyptyque de Sassetta longtemps considéré comme celui de la Compagnie de l’Arte della Lana de Sienne exécuté par l’artiste en 1424. Son pendant, la Vierge de l’Annonciation est aujourd’hui conservé à la Yale University Art Gallery de New Haven, aux États-Unis.

Virgin Annunciate, v. 1430–32. Tempéra et or sur panneau, 80 x 54,6 cm (sans le cadre : 59,5 x 50 cm.

Gift of Hannah D. and Louis M. Rabinowitz


Believed to have been in Italy, perhaps at Chiusdino; Langton Douglas Collection, London; Dan Fellows Platt Collection, Englewood, New Jersey (ca. 1911–36); E. and A. Silberman Galleries, New York, NY; Rabinowitz Collection, Sands Point, Long Island (ca. 1944–59).

“In 1911 Mason Perkins discovered two pinnacles, one with the Angel Gabriel now in Massa Marittima and the other with the Virgin Annunciate now in New Haven (figs. 20, 21). Mason Perkins, followed by Pope-Hennessy, suggested that they were the lateral crowning elements of the Madonna della Neve. A missing Salvator would have gone in between the Annunciation pinnacles. In 1956, Zeri pointed out that this reconstruction was architecturally and stylistically incongruous and associated the Annunciation instead with the Arte della Lana altarpiece. This suggestion was rightly rejected by Christiansen, who, however, subsequently reproposed a Madonna della Neve provenance. Yet Blauwkuip’s findings had already clarified the situation. The pinnacles cannot be associated with any other known work of Sassetta, and must therefore be considered as the only remnants of an altarpiece of so far unknown provenance” (Israëls 2003, pp. 60-61).


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